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Tips for a Fun, Secure Halloween

The Secure Dad's Tips for a Fun, Secure Halloween

The eve of fear and fright is upon us. No, not election day... Halloween. Boy you are cynical. It’s one of the few long standing family and community oriented traditions we still have in this country. Neighbors talk to neighbors. Kids dress up for fun and stockpile so much candy that it could fill a bathtub.

I’m not the biggest fan of halloween, but I love it for little kids. The ones that dress up like penguins, princesses and Captain America. The little ones that are not old enough to fear zombies or Donald Trump masks. The pure joy of getting into costume and getting candy for free is heartwarming to watch. But we as parents know that this night can bring some dangers. Here are a few tips you can use to have a fun and safe halloween.

Watch Out for Clowns - You’ve seen the news where clown sightings are popping up all over the country. No these are not fun clowns like Bozo, these are idiots in nightmare clown masks trying to scare people. You can read my views on this here.

There WILL BE IDIOTS in nightmare clown outfits this halloween. Be ready to see them. I don’t think many of them will actually harm anyone, they just want the attention. They want to scare you. In the end you need to understand it’s halloween and it’s not illegal to dress like a clown. Be on the lookout for them and avoid them.

Select Your Homes - I’m afraid In 2016 we’re past going up to stranger’s home and getting candy. If you don’t know the homeowner, at least know the neighborhood in which you are haunting on halloween. It’s also a good idea to check out the sex offense registry to make sure you avoid those homes. Go to and search your zip code for a comprehensive list of registered offenders in your area. I was shocked to see how many people with offenses against children were near my home.

Also, when you go to a house to trick or treat, never enter a home. Teach your kids that. In my neighborhood we have a few families that go all out for halloween and create their own haunted houses for people to enjoy. While they’re embracing the spirit of the Great Pumpkin, don’t let your child enter a home of a person you don’t know.

Go With Your Kids - I don’t like to see kids out by themselves. As parents you should accompany your kids on their trick or treat venture. The main reason for this is to keep you kids from getting hurt by falling on the side walk or running out into the road. Make sure you keep your kids in sight and don’t be distracted by your phone.

Check Candy - When you return with your bounty of sugary awesomeness give it a look before you let your kids dig in. Look for wrappers that have been tampered with or messed up in some way. You also need to make sure there is no pot in your kids bag too. Yep, edible marijuana is a big deal now. And if you didn’t know, you can by candy that is infused with pot. These products are made to look like candy so make sure you check out your kids stash. Also, these are illegal unless you live in a state like Colorado.

Light Up the Night - The biggest danger to kids on halloween is not being kidnapped or drugged; it’s being hit by a car. Kids wear dark costumes and get a little rowdy as they trick or treat which can lead to an accident. Make sure you have a flashlight and I don’t mean the one on your phone. To keep your kids safe and add the element of fun, give them glow sticks and glow necklaces. It’ll also make tracking your Batman a little easier for you as well.

Go Home Early - Nothing good happens for kids after 9 pm on halloween. So go home and start loading up on sweets and watching Charlie Brown. Besides, those idiot nightmare clowns will be making appearances as the night goes on.

Have a fun, safe halloween!

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