The Best Mother’s Day Gift: Improving as a Father

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s Sunday, May 14th just so you know. A great gift you can give your wife for Mother’s Day is to be an equal parent. Show her she’s not in this alone. How we treat our wives as our children’s mother will shape their attitudes towards marriage and parenting. As a father we should be raising our kids to be respectful, thoughtful adults. And those valuable life lessons start at home.

Improving as a father is better than any gift you can buy your wife for Mother’s Day.

Share the Responsibility of Raising Your Children

While gender roles continue to change there are many tasks that are relegated to the mom of the family. Cooking, cleaning and making sure the kids have what they need are just a few of the thousands of things moms do for their families daily. As dads we need to share the load of parenting. God made us to be families. If you don’t already, start doing laundry, washing dishes and getting your kids ready for bed. Don’t make your wife a single mother, be an involved father to your children.

Be Accountable for Your Responsibilities

Nothing irritates spouses more than one not doing something they said they will do. I know I’ve forgotten to turn on the crock pot before leaving for work. I could feel the emotion in a late afternoon text, “Guess what we're not having for dinner.” My bad. It happens, none of us are perfect. But there is a difference in forgetting and not being mindful of your responsibilities. As dads we need to do what we say we will do. Not only with this ease the stress of parenting, but it will show your kids how they need to parent when they are adults.

Listen and Know when to Help

I learned early in marriage that listening to your wife is a powerful tool to a successful relationship. As men we want to fix things. When our wives tells us about a problem we naturally want to fix it because we love them. Sometimes we have the right answer, sometimes we don’t. There is a lot of power in simply listening to her problems and being sympathetic to her situation. Her thoughts and emotions might be bottled up and simply talking it out makes her feel much better. Be there to listen. Know when to speak up and know when she needs silent encouragement.

On Mother’s Day, to go along with homemade cards, flowers and chocolates, give the mother of your children the support she needs. Let your wife know that her sacrifices are appreciated. But don’t let it end there, be a supportive spouse and parent every day. Let your children see how much you love and respect their mother so when they are parents themselves, they’ll reflect your loving example.

What are some other ways we as fathers can support the mothers in our lives? Please comment below and share your thoughts. For more on being the best dad you can be, subscribe to the newsletter and never miss a discussion.

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