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  • Andy Murphy

Dangerous Myths About Student School Attackers

Updated: May 25, 2022

Student Attackers | The Secure Dad

What We Really Need to Know About Student Attackers

In this Episode of The Secure Dad Podcast we look at an uncomfortable subject, student attackers. Student attackers are individuals enrolled at a school who for whatever reason decide to carry out an act of violence at their school. This is my definition based on research from the Department of Homeland Security.

There are many different factors that lead a student to commit an act of violence at their school. Today we discuss the myths that have built up around these individuals and events. If we just go by the news alone, we don’t have an accurate picture of the threat of a student attacker. This is because larger scale events receive more news coverage so that skews national perception. However, I realize that one can argue that is not the role of the new media in the first place.

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