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Everyday Awareness with Sonny Smith of Six Sight Co

Put Yourself in a Position to Protect

Being aware is something we have to fight for every day. Between Tweets, TikToks, and podcasts, the world can get really small if you’re only focused on a screen. That’s why Sonny Smith’s message is so important. On The Secure Dad Podcast Sonny and And discuss what it takes to be every day aware to protect those that we love.

Sonny is a former Royal Marine Commando who went on to serve in the British Special forces as a reservist. Upon leaving the military he entered the world of corporate espionage as a surveillance operator following and documenting his target’s movements for the highest bidder.

Shortly after that he jumped over to the other side of the fence and began working as an executive protection officer for many wealthy and famous clients around the world. He now owns a company called Six Sight where he teaches the public how to stay safe by using techniques used by security, military, and espionage professionals. His expertise is in situational awareness.

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