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How to Survive a Blackout with Patrick McNamara

Pat Mac shares how he kept his family safe and comfortable during a 5-Day blackout.

On December 10th Moore County, North Carolina suffered a 5-Day blackout. An unknown party shot up two power substations plunging the entire county into darkness. While many people didn’t know what to do, Patrick McNamara and his family went into action.

In this conversation, Mac shares with us what he did in advance to prepare for such an event. He also shares how he kept his family safe and calm during the blackout. Plus, he offers families some really sound advice for getting prepared.

Patrick McNamara spent 22 years in the military doing special ops work. After his retirement, he has continued to improve himself and others through specialized training. Currently teaches marksmanship, combatives, and security

He has his own podcast and is the author of a fantastic book entitled Sentinel. You may know him from his popular social media posts about Basic Dude Stuff.

Watch The Interview with Pat Mac

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