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How to Talk with your Family about Security

How to Talk with your Family about Security | The Secure Dad Podcast

How To Talk with your Family about Security

In this episode of The Seure Dad Podcast, I share ways you can talk about personal security with those you love. I start with three things you need to know before you have this conversation. If we who have a secure mindset come on too strong or with the wrong attitude we aren’t going to help anyone.

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Here are a few articles that you can share with someone that may help them to understand that their personal security should be a priority.

Why Family Safety is Scary

Don't be an Easy Target: How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Crime

Why You Need to Defend Yourself

Also, are robots going to make us safer? Knightscope has made an autonomous security robot that can help supplement security. Check out the K5 for yourself. Is a artificial intelligence superior to your intelligence? We’ll discuss just that.

How to secure my home | The Secure Dad

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