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Mother Nature Is NOT Trying To Kill You with Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson runs from a volcano.

Outdoorsman and biologist Rob Nelson shares how not to die in the wild

Nature is beautiful, but it can also be deadly. While many of us may still rely on stories passed down from older generations, surprisingly nature is not as vindictive as we may think.

On the podcast, today is Rob Nelson. Rob is an Emmy award-winning TV host, biologist, and outdoorsman. He’s most known for his work via and You may recognize him from popular series such as Secrets of the Underground, Animal Planet’s Life After Chornobyl, and Discovery’s Eating Python.

Rob and his wife Haley have authored the book, Mother Nature Is Not Trying To Kill You. This look into the deadly predators and plants of the world is an eye-opening perspective that nature is not as scary as you think. Mother Nature Is Not Trying To Kill You is useful and entertaining to adults as well as kids 9 and up.

Watch The Interview with Rob Nelson

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