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Online Photo Safety with Claire Rodahaver

How to Post Safer Pictures of Your Kids

We all post pictures of our kids online. But most of us know that there are some inherent, unintended consequences of sharing these types of photos. So I sit down with a professional family photographer to tell us everything we as parents need to know about online photo safety.

Photo by Claire Rodahaver

I’m joined by professional photographer and photo safety advocate Claire Rodahaver. Claire is a family, senior, and product photographer. Prior to being a photographer, she worked in marketing and social media management.

Claire then started Online Photo Safety education when she realized many of her clients weren't aware of the dangers of sharing too much on social media. In short, she is the perfect person to talk with about this essential safety topic.

Claire was also very helpful in sharing some wonderful examples of how we can take photos of our kids without revealing too much about them.

Photo by Claire Rodahaver

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