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  • Andy Murphy

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Families

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Families | The Secure Dad

How to Make Your Family Safer in a Parking Lot

Parking lots are a no man’s land. No one is in charge. No one is watching out for you. And anyone can come and go as they please. You may have never thought about it that way before. But not everyone in your grocery store’s parking lot is there for milk. Someone might be there for you.

In today’s podcast, we discuss how to make your family safer in parking lots. I feel that families are most vulnerable when they are loading their kids into their car seats. Our situation awareness decreases as we focus on getting our kids safely into their seats. Today we go over how we can combat this feeling and make ourselves safer. Plus Chris Pendas of Staying Safe Self Defense and Morgan of Rogue Preparedness share their wisdom about these unique environments.

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