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Protecting Kids from The New Drug with Sean Clifford of Canopy

Protecting Your Kids from Online Adult Material

Culture and technology are advancing every day. In most cases, this is a great thing for humanity. But sometimes it leads to the worst of the worst. One such example is the proliferation of online adult material.

My guest on the show today is Sean Clifford. As the CEO of Canopy and a father of four young children, Sean aspires to build products that give families the good of the Internet without the bad. Together we discuss how to protect our children from the effects of “The New Drug.”

Sean founded Canopy in 2019 to help build a world of healthy tech users, starting by protecting children from pornography. He previously served as vice president of Baron Public Affairs, where he advised leading tech ventures, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies at the intersection of culture and policy.

Sean Clifford, CEO Canopy

Sean, his wife, and their four kids live in Austin, Texas, where they enjoy exploring local trails and relaxing on tech-free Saturdays.

To receive a discount from Canopy go to: As a note, at this time I don’t use Canopy so this episode is not an endorsement, nor am I getting any sort of compensation for this interview or the discount code that has been provided.

To hear more on how Canopy works, check out my extended conversation with Sean Clifford in the bonus discussion on this page.

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Watch the Bonus Discussion

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