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Protecting Your House of Worship with Ami Toben of Protection Circle

Protecting Your Church | The Secure Dad Podcast

How to Secure Your House of Worship

I get a lot of questions for listeners about my opinion on protecting houses of worship. Like me, many of you are on your house of worship security team. While I can share what I know, I don’t consider myself an expert at all in the field. Home security is vastly different from protecting a church.

My guest on this episode is Ami Toben of Protection Circle. He shares with us practical ways that we need to secure our facilities while maintaining a welcoming environment. Plus he reinforces that it is not looks like that determines a threat, but behavior.

Ami Toben is the author of Surveillance Zone, the owner of Protection Circle and the director of consulting, training and special operations for HighCom Security Services. He specializes in terrorist activity prevention, surveillance detection, and covert protective operations.

Trained in Israel, Japan and the US, Ami has over 15 years of military and private sector security experience. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ami has been providing high-end protective services to Fortune 500 corporations, foreign governments, foundations, nonprofit organizations, houses of worship and wealthy individuals.

For this episode, it's important to remember my conversation with Ami is for general information purposes only. This is not to be considered expert instruction or training.Our goal is to help you start off in the right direction to securing your house of worship or sharpen your skills if you’ve got a successful program currently.

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