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Safe Driving with Trooper Bob Beres

Safe Driving Interview Trooper Bob Beres | The Secure Dad Podcast

Safe Driving with Trooper Bob Beres

On this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast we welcome Trooper Bob to the show. Today he’ll give us great information about driving safely this summer. We’ll cover road rage, emergencies and safe driving tips for all of us. He’ll give us great information, make us laugh and stop us in our tracks with the sobering consequences of bad decisions.

Photo Credit: SCDPS

Before becoming a Lieutenant with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Beres spent 4 years in the US Navy where is served in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. In 1994 he joined the ranks of The South Carolina Highway Patrol where he earned the honor of Trooper of the Year in 2007.

He is best known for his work on drunk driving awareness through his innovative emoji campaign on social media that lead to national recognition, TV commercials and even an Emmy for his outstanding work Last year Trooper Bob retired from the highway patrol and his now joined the ABC News 4 team in Charleston, South Carolina.

See Trooper Bob's tour of the ABC News 4 Traffic Tracker

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Emoji Campaign commercial starring Trooper Bob himself.

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