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  • Andy Murphy

Securing Your Front Door

How to secure your front door | The Secure Dad Podcast

How to Secure Your Front Door

In episode 10 of The Secure Dad Podcast, I discuss some easy ways you can help secure your front door. For example you don’t need to surf the bargain bin for a deadbolt lock. Buy a name brand deadbolt that is a Grade 1. Also if your locks have been in place since the mid 1970s then it is time for an upgrade.

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Also in this show, police in Baltimore Maryland are solving crimes using home surveillance cameras from neighboring homes. Watch the story here and pay special attention to the interview with the homeowner who was robbed. The their made quick work of their gun safe.

Products discussed in this episode:

Click here to see the Blink Camera on Amazon.

Click here to see the Flip Guard Door Lock on Amazon.

Home Security The Secure Dad's Guide | The Secure Dad Podcast

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