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  • Andy Murphy

What are thieves thinking?

A Day as a thief | The Secure Dad

Adversarial Mindset: A Day as a Thief

Have you ever wondered what makes a thief tick? What would lead someone to steal a car or break into your home? Believer it or not, bad guys are not that much different than us. In simple terms they need food, water and shelter just like us.

People commit crimes to meet their needs. These needs can be as pure as survival or much more complicated like wanting to hurt or kill. Sometimes these needs make sense to us, the good people of the world, and sometimes they don’t. Especially if drugs or alcohol is involved.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll walk through a day in the life of a common thief. We’ll see what he’s thinking, what he wants and his motivation to do what he does. Plus I want you to continue to think like a bad guy to help make yourself safer.

Also Alec Lace of the First Class Fatherhood Podcast shares a dad hack with us. Find out more about Alec and his awesome podcast at

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