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  • Andy Murphy

What is the Best Firearm for Home Defense?

What is the best gun for home defense | The Secure Dad

What's the Best Gun for Home Defense?

The most common question I hear as the owner of The Secure Dad is, “What is the best firearm for home defense.” That’s a loaded question. (See what I did there.) But really there’s a lot that goes into an answer for such an important question.

In this episode I’ll go over what you need to think about when considering a firearm for home defense. You need to know your state laws, where you can’t shoot inside your home and what type of gun is best for you. We’ll go over the pros and cons of shotguns, modern sporting rifles and handguns.

What is the best pistol for home defense | The Secure Dad

A tactical light on any firearm useful for identifying any home intruder.

Here is a link to a modern sporting rifle buyer’s guide.

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