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  • Andy Murphy

Why You Shouldn't Answer the Door

Don't Answer The Door | The Secure Dad

Politeness Can Get You Hurt

Being polite can get you hurt of killed. In today’s podcast, Andy discusses why it’s okay not to be polite sometimes and ignore typical social norms. It can be the difference between life and death. Today we’ll focus on the importance of caution when opening the door to your home to an unknown person.

In Florida a woman heard and knock at her door and it turned out to be an alligator. When the woman did open the door for the unwanted guest, it looked in the windows at her. To see this amazing video check out this news story from Fox 35 Orlando.

Plus we have a dad hack from Tim Ferrara of Discerning Dad. For more on Tim and what he does you can find him at and follow him on Instagram.

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