How to Place a Blink Camera

August 1, 2018

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One of the coolest security cameras on the market today are Blink cameras. Currently, there are two types, indoor and outdoor with a video doorbell on the way soon. If you’re like me you couldn’t pass up the great savings on these cameras on Amazon Prime Day this year.


Now that you have these great cameras, where are you going to put them? Here are a few ways you can place a Blink camera.




The original Blink camera is for indoor use only. It is not weatherproof unlike it’s brother the Blink XT. The options for placement are really limitless for indoor use as long as you have a strong WI-FI signal.


For indoor use, I suggest your cameras cover all points of entry. That means you have a camera covering every door at least. Then you can also try to catch the windows as well. Doors are the most common way a thief enters a home whether it be by kicking the door in or discovering your door is unlocked.


When placing the cameras, think about what you are documenting. Consider covering multiple entry points with one camera. In your home it may be possible to cover the back door and side door with one camera. Try to get the most coverage out of a single camera that you can that way you can cover more of your home with fewer cameras.


These innocuous looking boxes can blend into any bookshelf, table or kitchen counter. As long as you don’t have a child, pet or mischievous ghost to move the cameras, simply placing them on a flat surface will do. No need to mount them.

Photo Credit: Blink


But what if you want to place your Blink camera somewhere it will need to be tilted to see the majority of the room? The bracket that all Blink cameras come with are perfect for indoor use. As long as you are good at simple geometry, you can get the basic mount to point your camera just about anywhere.


If you don’t like it after a day or two, simply move it. To help you move the cameras inside your home easier, don’t screw down the bracket everytime. As long as the bracket is under the camera, you can tape the bracket down with painter’s tape until you find a permanent spot to screw it in.


Be creative with where you place your cameras. Put one between pictures in the living room, next to the knife block in the kitchen and next to the trash bags in the garage. Move them a few times before you settle on a permanent placement. Thieves can’t hide from cameras they don’t see. That’s the beauty of Blink cameras.

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The Blink XT camera can used inside or outside, which opens up many opportunities for surveillance. The lack of cables for video and wires for power mean the Blink XT can go just about anywhere.


For outdoor cameras you have a few things to consider when it comes to placing them. For sure you want to cover your doors - the front, back and garage door, if you have one. If you have a fence, you may want to try and catch the gate as well. Then try to cover common areas like the yard and driveway. Who knows, you might catch the person who’s letting their dog poop in your yard.  


Before I opened my cameras I considered mounting one to the back of my mailbox. This way I would have an unusual hiding spot for the camera that would give me the full view of my home. But the camera would have been triggered by windblown flags and tree limbs. Not to mention a kid could grab it and take off with it.


So I decided to experiment before I permanently placed my cameras. I mounted the cameras to yard stakes and put them around my property for a few days. This way I could see the best locations to get a great view of my home with minimal effort. When I was done with one location, I simply pulled up the stake and hammered it down somewhere else for a few hours.

When doing this I was surprised at how often the camera would trigger on blowing shrubs and cars going by my home. I didn’t want to waste battery life and cloud space on all of my neighbors going to work. I was able to determine the final mounting spot for my cameras based on easy relocation in a few hours instead of drilling, screwing and mounting over and over again in a frustrating trial and error process.


I would suggest you consider mounting your Blink XT to yard stakes long term. Paint the stake black to match the camera and it would be very hard to detect, especially at night. Make sure to plant them near bushes and trees so they don’t stand out. Do not stick one right in the middle of the yard, people will see it even if it’s painted black, camouflage it. Also disable the blue light the camera emits when recording. This can be done by flipping the switch on the back of each camera.


The Mounting Bracket


Don’t do what I did when I first mounted the bracket for the first time. I snapped the bracket onto the camera and tried to drill it to a post all together. Not smart. I stripped off the set screw that held the bracket together. That tiny set screw is still somewhere in my yard.

So don’t be like me. The bracket snaps apart in two sections. Seperate the arm part from the portion that has the screw. Then snap it all back together before you aim it where you want.


While Blink cameras are a fun and easy way to help keep your home safe, home security is more than just one product. The way to make your home more secure is with a layered home defense strategy. I write about this in detail in my book, Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.


For more ways to make your family safer, consider The Secure Dad Newsletter.


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