Protector, Provider: A Conversation with the High Speed Daddy

February 27, 2019

Protector, Provider: A Conversation with the High Speed Daddy



On this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast I sit down with Craig Risoli owner of The High Speed Daddy. Together we discuss the importance of being a father who is a protector and a provider. Plus he’ll share his view on why mindset and training are so important to those roles.


Craig Risoli is husband, father, veteran and an accomplished entrepreneur. His brand, High Speed Daddy creates high quality products for parents like the Tactical Diaper Bag, Tactical Family First Aid Pouch and the Tactical Lunch Bag.

I own just about every one of the HSD products and they’ve all been top quality pieces that I recommend to friends and family. Here are my reviews:


HSD Tactical Diaper Bag

HSD Tactical Diaper Bag, One Year Later

HSD Tactical Lunch Bag

HSD Woobie Poncho Liner

HSD Tactical Family First Aid Pouch


For more on Craig and High Speed Daddy visit the website HSD is also very active on Facebook and Instagram.

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