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Simple ways

to secure

your home.

Discover how to keep your family safe at home while enjoying life. No scare tactics, just proven security methods.


How to Protect Your Family

from a Home Invasion

I wrote Home Security: The Secure Dad's Guide to help busy parents protect their homes and their families. The methods in this book I used myself. I wanted to create a concise guide that delivered solid, proven techniques to parents so they can be confident in securing their home.

You can't search the internet forever looking for home security tips, you need a strategy. The core of this book is the Layered Home Defense Strategy. This consists of discipline, deter, fortify and defend. This comprehensive strategy will make your home safer today and for years to come.

Home security has never been more important than right now. This book will show you how to protect your family from a home invasion.

- Andy Murphy

Founder, The Secure Dad


Layered Home Defense Strategy


Home Security: The Secure Dad's Guide

Easy Home Defense Techniques to Keep Your Family Safe

The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes it can be scary. As a dad, I know that all too well and chances are, you do too.

Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide was written so that you can make your family safer at home while still being able to enjoy life. I’ll show you easy techniques that you can do now to think safer, prevent your home from being targeted for a crime, fortify your home and defend your family if you must in the event of an invasion.


The Secure Dad empowers fathers to lead safer, more secure families free to enjoy the blessings of life. A fearful father hides his family at home. A secure dad protects his family as they enjoy their lives.  

What People are Saying

"I would recommend this book to any parent, that is looking to protect their home, valuables, family, and life." - AwesomeDadGear

"Even though I’ve been in law enforcement for over 17 years I still learned quite a bit from this book!" - Rob D.

"This book is a great resource to help you look at ways to protect your home and your family. The author uses an easy to follow four layered approach to protecting your home!" - James E.

"Great, easy to apply tips on securing your home and your loved ones." - Jean L.

"Even after being in my home over 15 years, I discovered that there is more I can do to keep my family safe and secure. This book is a must for every household." -H. S.

Start making your home and family safer today.


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