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The Tools Everyone Needs

The Secure Dad has worked with platforms and brands since 2016. I know that protecting your family can be challenging which is why I created a list of my most trusted partners. I only recommend the tools that I use and that I think are helpful to all families. 

Disclosure: Please read before going any further

The Secure Dad is proud to be an affiliate to only a few brands. That means if you click on a link for a tool on this page and make a purchase, then I earn a small commission. This is of NO added cost to you. My recommendations are based on my personal experience, knowledge of these companies, and the relationship I've developed with them. I have negotiated a discount on many of these because I know that every dollar counts in a family budget.

Recommended Tools


#1 Privacy Service

I’ve been a customer of DeleteMe since 2018. I realized how bad data brokers were getting in selling my personal information to ANYONE who wanted it. I needed to protect my name, address, phone number, work history, relatives, email addresses, and more from people who may want to scam or hurt me.


You can read my full review of DeleteMe including looking at my personal DeleteMe report.


I’ve also had CEO Rob Shavell on The Secure Dad Podcast twice and he shows us why he’s a passionate privacy advocate. You can hear my most recent conversation with him.


Use code DAD at checkout you will get 20% off a DeleteMe Privacy Plan.


VPN users may need to copy and paste this link:



#1 Door Lock

One of my favorite home security tools is the FlipLok. The FlipLok is a secondary door lock that is easy to use daily and tough for worst-case emergencies. The FlipLok is anchored to the door frame which helps distribute the blunt force of a boot or a battering ram along the length of the frame. The solid build, design, and material offer people a great way to fortify their homes.

Listen to Andy's Interview with Anna Regar of FlipLok on The Secure Dad Podcast.

Read my full review of the residential FlipLok to see why I like it so much.

FlipLok offers The Secure Dad community 20% off with the code: SECUREDAD.



#1 Kids Smartphone

Troomi offers a safe smartphone for kids. With their exclusive KidSmart OS®, you can trust that Troomi will block mature content, social media apps, and harmful games. With easy-to-understand parental controls, you can monitor your kids’ location and text messages. Plus, you can add more features/apps as they grow.


Read the full review of my Troomi Wireless experience to see if it's right for your family. Use code THESECUREDAD at checkout to receive $50 off any phone at

For a discount on the Troomi XG03 Smart Watch for Kids use code WATCH30 at checkout.



#1 Privacy Product

SLNT Faraday solutions are an invaluable tool for ensuring the security and privacy of electronic devices. These bags, and cases, made with specialized materials, provide a shield against electromagnetic signals, preventing any incoming or outgoing transmissions. Protect your devices from remote hacking or unauthorized access. By blocking all wireless signals, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular signals, SLNT solutions effectively isolate devices from potential threats, such as remote tracking, data breaches, or malware attacks.


Overall, SLNT offers peace of mind by providing an effective barrier, protecting sensitive information, and enhancing digital security. I use SLNT for my phone, Apple AirTag, and car key fobs.


You can see my video on using a SLNT sleeve to “turn off” my Apple AirTag.


SLNT offers The Secure Dad community 10% off their entire purchase. Use code THESECUREDAD at checkout.

HSD Logo PNG 1500.png

High Speed Daddy

#1 Gear Supplier

I am an OG supporter of High Speed Daddy. This gear is made for protector parents who value quality bags for EDC as well as parenting. I personally use the diaper bag backpack, first aid pouch, lunch bag, and water bottle holder almost every day. I even carried one of the original backpacks around Disney for 33 miles. That same bag sits ready to go with me for the next big adventure. High Speed Daddy is a great company run by an awesome family.


You can read my reviews of the High Speed Daddy Tactical Diaper Bag and First Aid Pouch.


I’ve also had the High Speed Daddy himself, Craig Risoli, as a guest on The Secure Dad Podcast.


Use code SECUREDAD at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order at



#1 Privacy VPN

NordVPN is an outstanding service that offers robust security, seamless remote access, anonymity, high-speed performance, extensive server locations, reliable customer support, and user-friendly features. It is an essential tool for individuals seeking a safe, private, and efficient online experience.


Many people like me use a VPN simply to keep from being tracked by advertisers. Our privacy is slipping away every day and NordVPN can help you maintain your online privacy.


NordVPN offers The Secure Dad community 59% off a two-year plan plus 3 extra months!



#1 Parental Control

Bark has reimagined the parental control experience for parents and kids. Bark offers simple-to-use features to monitor and control the content your children see online. Parents can monitor texts, social media, search, and more!

Hear Andy talk online safety with Titania Jordan of Bark on The Secure Dad Podcast.

Bark offers The Secure Dad community 10% off any Bark App subscription with the code: SECUREDAD.


Shield Protection Products

#1 Protection Products

Self-defense is important to Shield Protection Products and they believe that everyone should be empowered to defend themselves against an attack. You need to be prepared to protect yourself; their selection of self-defense and protection products along with training tutorial videos help prepare you for the moment when you need it the most.

Shield Protection Products is a company founded by two active law enforcement officers.


Shield Protection Products offers The Secure Dad community 10% off your entire order with the code: SECUREDAD10.

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