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UNLOCKED: A Course from The Secure Dad

Learn how to develop your abilities to help your family live a safer, happier life.

UNLOCKED is a common-sense approach to family safety created just for parents. You will discover how to protect your family at home, in public, and online.


UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent was created out of a desire to help families like yours be safe while enjoying life.


This course will show you what threats families face, how to identify those threats, and what to do to prevent them from happening to you. This is a proactive program that aims to keep your family out of danger. 

If you do any of these, then UNLOCKED is for you.

  • You double-check the doors at night to make sure they are locked.

  • You spend hours researching the right car seat for your child.

  • Your gas light never comes on in the car.

  • You pick your seat at a restaurant so you can see the front door.

  • You check out anyone who uses your driveway to turn around.

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Above all else...

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of family protection that you can use every day to proactively safeguard those that you love.

UNLOCKED will empower your family to become safer
and enjoy life. Plus, you can start right now!


Enroll today for only $XX

Meet Andy


My name is Andy Murphy and I founded The Secure Dad in 2016 with the goal of helping families live safer happier lives. Since that time I’ve written a best-selling book and started a popular podcast.

The information I share is based on proven methods and my intense studies. I am not a member of the military or law enforcement. I’m simply a dad who knows that protecting my family is a priority. Family safety is my passion and calling.

Here's what you get when you enroll today...

The Program:

4 Protector Parent Modules

These will show you everything you need to start making your family safer today at home, in public, and online. Plus how to understand crime so you can minimize the chances of it happening to you.

Safety Games for Kids

I'll show you games you can play with your children to boost their awareness and get them thinking about safety. This includes an exclusive game that you can play at a restaurant to teach them about their environment.

Downloads for Understanding

Lessons will have unique downloads that are activities to help you practice the new skills you have learned. There are checklists, observational games, and even a choose your own adventure story. (Fun, right?)

Mac Desktop
Desktop, mobile, and an app

No matter where you are the pickup line at school or in your living room after the kids have gone to bed, UNLOCKED will be ready for you via a web browser or through the Teachable app.

(A $500 value.)

UNLOCKED is hosted on Teachable.


What Parents are Saying...

"UNLOCKED should be mandatory training for every parent. This course gives simple yet actionable steps that you can take towards protecting your family. I feel confident that my family will be safe at home, in public, and online as a result of the knowledge that I have applied from this training."

Dmitriy A.


What you will learn:

Introduction to Protector Parenting

To begin the course, I will walk you through the fundamentals of putting your safety first. This includes adopting a secure mindset and embracing that little voice in your mind. Plus, I'll share the anotomy of a crime and some insights into the criminal mind so that we can better protect those that we love.

Protecting Your Family at Home

Module 2 is dedicated to home defense. The best way to defend your home is to make it an unattractive target to criminals. I will bust the biggest myth in home security, teach you how to secure your property, and give you the essentials to alarm systems and cameras.

Protecting Your Family in Public

Protecting families in public is the most frequent concern I hear from parents. So I dedicated an entire module to this situation. I'll share how make mental maps, see trouble before it starts, and the basics of situational awareness. Plus, I even show you how to teach your kids to be more alert in public!

Protecting Your Family Online

Defending online threats may sound intimidating, but a lot of digital security is analog for the family. You'll learn how to secure your home wireless network, devices, and users (your family members). You don't need to be a tech expert to protect your family online and I will show you just that!




Your Bonuses!

Exclusive Morale Patch

When you complete UNLOCKED I’ll send you a hard to get hook and loop morale patch from The Secure Dad. People have requested these since 2016 and now you get your own.

Certificate of Completion

When you become a graduate of UNLOCKED you’ll receive a customized digital certificate of completion with your name on it. I wish I could mail a printed certificate, but they’ll get destroyed in the mail. Each certificate is of printable quality ready for framing.

Discounts from The Secure Dad

When you enroll in UNLOCKED, you'll get a discount at the official store for The Secure Dad. Plus access to future discounts and products!


Is the course more in-depth than your podcast?

Yes! UNLOCKED is much better than just listening to my podcast. We go deeper into topics than I can go during a show. Plus, there are exclusive downloads and learning opportunities that I just can’t do on a show.

Will there be scary content?

No. While we do talk about scary subjects like the threats that our families may face, it is handled in a professional manner. There are no videos of attacks or fights in this course.

When will the course end?

UNLOCKED is self-paced to allow for learning on your schedule. The course can be completed after module 4. But you will retain access to the course as long as it is available on Teachable. Also, there is no such thing as being behind in this course. We are all busy parents. Don't sacrifice speed for understanding.

Is this course suitable for children?

No. This course is designed for protector parents. While there is a section on teaching kids to be safer in public, the instruction needs to come from you the parent.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. I can issue you a refund through Teachable. My refund policy is different. I do ask that you show me two weeks worth of work before I grant you a refund.

You have a choice, friend.

Option 1

You can scour the internet for years looking for solid security tips, read a book a month on safety, listen to hundreds of hours of podcasts and go to seminars multiple times a year just to piece together a strategy on your own.

Option 2

You can enroll in UNLOCKED and commit 100% to make your family safer with proven methods and information specifically for families.

Option 2 looks like a better way to success, right?

A Note from Andy

So here we are at the end. You might have skipped down here to see what the deal really is.


So here’s the deal:


I created UNLOCKED because I want every family to live a safer, happier life free from the fear of a home invasion or violence. That doesn’t mean it’ll never happen to you but can take action now to minimize those chances with UNLOCKED.


You can take this online course for only $XX. Each of the four modules should cost a hundred dollars on its own, but I’m offering it to you at this low price because I know I can help more families this way.


I’m not doing this to become a millionaire. I have a genuine desire to help families and I’d like to earn enough money to put food on the table. It’s that simple. When you enroll in this course it not only helps your family but mine as well.


After reading about UNLOCKED I hope you see that this is the best way I can show you how to effectively protect your family at home, in public, and online. I made this course for parents like you who know the safety of their family is important. Together we’ll accomplish just that so you can enjoy a safer, happier life.



The Secure Dad




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