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Protect your family at home, in public, and online.

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What is The Secure Dad?

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Andy Murphy founded The Secure Dad ® in 2016 because he realized that Every Parent is a Protector. It’s up to us as Protector Parents to make sure our family is safe. Through his book, podcast, and online learning Andy works to help educate families on how they can live safer, happier lives.

Andy Murphy, Founder of The Secure Dad

Free Family Protection Resources

How to Stock your pantry, Free download
  • Quick Steps to Stock Your Pantry

  • Understand What You Need Now

  • How to Store Food for the Future

  • Download Now

Disaster Preparedness Guide Free Download
  • Learn how to prepare your family for the next natural disaster

  • Items to have on hand
  • Know when to evacuate
  • Download Now

OSINT for Parents PDF
  • What the Internet Knows About You

  • How to Protect Your Information

  • Delete Yourself from People Searches

  • Download Now

Prep Your Pantry

Get Ready

Information Security

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Home Security for First-Time Homeowners


Protect your new house with this 12-page ebook and checklist just for new home buyers.

Available for immediate download.

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