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Family Home Security Assessment

This downloadable home security assessment will guide you through securing your home and protecting your family.

The Secure Dad Family Home Security Assessment

A Home Security Assessment for Families

I created this Family Home Security Assessment for Protector Parents who want the definitive details on how to make a home a hard target for a criminal. This 12-page checklist offers more than 100 actionable steps that will increase the security of your home while making it a peaceful place to live.

You'll learn how to make positive changes to your home's interior and exterior to deter a criminal from ever choosing your home as a target. Discover how to strengthen doors, get the most from your alarm system, and how to use home technology to your advantage.

This checklist is for parents of all skill levels. Read it over, print it out, and get started today!

- Andy Murphy

Founder, The Secure Dad

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A Home Security Upgrade

The Secure Dad Family Home Security Assessment is a 12-page checklist that will take you through simple, actionable steps to secure your home. If you want a professional level of detail on how to defend your home, this is for you.

With this checklist you'll learn:

  • How to strengthen your doors

  • Landscaping to deter crime

  • Protect cars in the driveway

  • Secure habits

  • Maximize security camera coverage

  • Security tech tips

  • Alarm system best practices

  • Family preparedness

Start securing your
home for only $9.99

The Secure Dad Family Home Security Assessment 2

This assessment is available as a downloadable PDF and ready for printing. The purchase and download will be made securely through ConvertKit (my trusted email provider) and Stripe.

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