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Home Security Quick Reference PDF

With the exclusive Home Security Quick Reference from The Secure Dad, you can start making your home less of a target for crime and protect those that you love. 

This free PDF guide will teach you simple, proven principles about what you need to know today to make your home safer for you and your family.

How to Build a Bug Out Bag PDF

What is a bug out bag and why do I need one? Good question. In it's simplest form, a bug out bag is a bag ready to go with the essential items you need in an emergency. Use them for natural disasters or times of crisis.

This free PDF guide will show you simple, proven principles about what you need to know about building your own bug out bag for your family. Plus, it includes links to recommended items to make your build easier and faster.

How to Freeze Your Child's Credit

Did you know that your child could be the victim of credit fraud? Yes, even your 6-year-old!


The fact is that if you have a social security number then you can be the victim of credit fraud. As protector parents, we can prevent this by freezing our child's credit so that no one can fraudulently open a line of credit in their name.


Learn how this done with this free PDF guide.

The Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Are you ready for the next natural disaster? This year we've seen out of control wildfires, double hurricanes and earthquakes. Now is the time to be ready for the next one.

With this free checklist from The Secure Dad you'll learn what you need to do to prepare your family for the next natural disaster. This comes from my experience and solid industry information that you can trust.

Know Your Neighborhood

Your home is the epicenter of your family's life. It's your castle. It's where you feel the safest. To keep that level of security, we need to know what's going on around our home.

With Know Your Neighborhood from The Secure Dad, we'll learn what observations are important, how not be obvious, and what to do when something does not look right. This guide is totally free.

Download Know Your Neighborhood today and start applying what you learn tomorrow. You deserve to be and feel safe at home.

Holiday Security Guide

The holidays are fast approaching! In the hustle and bustle of the season, we can shift our focus to gift lists, cooking, and parties. When we do this, we can forget that this time of year brings about its own crime.

This 12-page guide will help you enjoy a safer, happier holiday. Learn now to secure your home while you travel and how to be safe shopping in person and online.

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