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Protecting Your Family from Sex Offenders

Several times a year I get emails from parents who want to know what they can do to protect their families from sex offenders in their area.

This resource will answer your questions and empower you to better protect those that you love. In this free download I'll answer the following questions:

  • What is a sex offender?

  • How do I know if an offender lives near me?

  • Am I notified if a sex offender moves near my family?

  • How do I get more information on an offender?

  • Why do you some state provide more information?

  • What if a sex offender lives on my street?

  • What if I suspect a child is being abused?

While this isn't polite dinner conversation, nonetheless it's an important one. This free download will answer your toughest questions to better protect those that you love.

Where can I send the PDF?
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