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Adversarial Mindset: Home Defense

Adversarial Mindset | The Secure Dad

What is the Adversarial Mindset?

In episode 22 of The Secure Dad Podcast, we discuss the adversarial mindset and how it can make you safer at home. Learn to think like a bad guy and use that information to make your family safer. We’ll go over how you can break into your own home so you can see your vulnerabilities and fix them. We’ll do more on the adversarial mindset in a future episode.

Also in this episode, Apple has released a fix for the FacePalm issue. In Houston, police found a tiger in an abandoned home and a sheriff in Kentucky suspends law enforcement because his department is broke. Plus, I’ve got a new dad hack.


Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy founded The Secure Dad in 2016 with the aspiration to help families live safer, happier lives. What started as a personal blog about family safety has turned into an award-winning podcast, an Amazon best-selling book, and online courses. He focuses his efforts in the areas of home security, situational awareness, and online safety.


Andy is a husband and father. His interests include coaching youth basketball, hiking, and trying to figure out his 3D printer.

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