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FlipLok Review from A Home Security Pro

Updated: May 11

Flip Lok Reivew: A Security Pro's Take

A Full Review of FlipLock from The Secure Dad

What Is A FlipLok?

For a long time, I lived with a nagging worry: the vulnerability of my standard deadbolt and the ability for someone to kick in my door. Enter the FlipLok, a sleek, keyless secondary lock promising 10 times the strength and lightning-fast activation. After installing and using it for several weeks, here's my honest review.

The FlipLok, not "FlipLock", is a secondary door lock that is easy to use daily and tough for worst-case emergencies. The high-strength, all-aluminum body makes the inward FlipLok durable, and it blends in with your current door hardware. It’s available in colors like silver, bronze, and a very eye-catching black.

The FlipLok is irrefutably cool. The solid metal construction exudes quality, and the modern design blends well with my door hardware. Installation was straightforward, taking about 10 minutes with basic tools. Having installed a deadbolt and doorknob before, I found the installation process easy to follow.

If you feel that a FlipLok is right for your home, you can get a 20% discount when using the code SECUREDAD at checkout at While this review is sponsored by FlipLok, I’m fair and honest in my review. No one asked me to plant information or overlook shortcomings. I was not given talking points. Everything in this review is my opinion as an owner of a Residential Inward FlipLok. This article does contain affiliate links and savings for you.

A Residential FlipLok on a door.

Strength and Security of FlipLok

According to FBI statistics, the most popular way a thief enters your home is through the front door. Most bad guys don’t want to execute an elaborate plan to break into your home, they’ll just try to kick in the door.

This is where the FlipLock earns my trust. The double-locking pins and reinforced design feel formidable. While I wouldn't recommend testing its 1,300-pound claim, it inspires confidence. The FlipLok drops shut solidly, leaving me feeling genuinely protected.

What caught my eye about the Residential Inward FlipLok is that it’s not a delicate secondary lock that you see at the hardware store. Those slide-chain locks are a joke. The FlipLok is a solid build with only a few moving parts that are all made of metal. Aside from an optional spacer, I don’t see any plastic on this thing. The FlipLock is a definite home security upgrade.

FlipLok Sturdy Design

FlipLock: Speed and Ease of Use

FlipLok lives up to its name. A simple flip engages the mechanism, sliding into place in less than a second. (Yes, I timed it.) This is fantastic for emergencies or when my hands are full. My son (10) also mastered it quickly, adding a layer of independence and peace of mind. Unlocking is about as easy. Simply lift the mechanism and flip it out of the way. It unlocks in about two seconds. (Again, I timed it.) You can see how this works in my video review.

What many people don’t think about when fortifying their doors is what happens when you have to escape your home. There may be a need, like a fire, where your family must quickly exit through your front door. Other locks may require keys or tactile mental function to open them. With the FlipLok you can open it fast and get out if you need to.

FlipLok installed and in the open position

The simplicity of the FlipLok makes it easy to use by anyone in your home. From kindergartners to senior citizens, this lock can be activated by anyone. I have personally tested this with people of all ages and they all can use it easily.

This is a major selling point as there is no key or device necessary to open or lock it, anyone can use it. Many online knockoffs require an adult with decent grip strength to use their products. This is not the case with FlipLok.

FlipLok Discount Code SECUREDAD

My Experience With FlipLok

I’ve had a FlipLok on my front door for a few months now. I honestly love it. It’s always there and engaged. Everyone in my home can use it and have added the simple flip to their everyday practice of opening the door. For the level of security it provides, it doesn’t hinder coming or going. I can sleep better knowing that my door isn’t going to be kicked in. The lock will fortify my door and help me respond to a threat if one should arise.

How To Install a FlipLok

Installing a Residential Inward FlipLok is easy. The device is anchored to the door frame and stud with four provided screws. The screws are 3+ inches long which brings stability to the entire lock. You can see the official installation video here.

The FlipLok comes ready to be mounted to the right of an inward-opening door. But if your door opens inward from the left as mine does, then a simple fix can change the direction of the lock with minimal effort. There’s no need to order a right or left version, it’s all the same.

What is included in a FlipLok
FlipLok comes with all you see here.

For the installation, I used a drill, drill bit, Philips head bit, and pencil. I suggest you place the FlipLok about an inch above your deadbolt. When criminals kick in your door, they’ll put their foot here to break the door out of the frame. By adding the lock here, you bolster your overall fortification.

A spacer with double-sided tape is provided. This may be needed depending on the depth of your door. The FlipLok is made to fit flush with the door in its resting position. A spacer may be necessary to achieve the flush fit for it to repel an attack on the door.

When you find the right position with the spacer, mark the screw holes with a pencil. I suggest you drill pilot holes for the screws with the appropriately sized drill bit. Remember don’t choose a drill bit that is the same size or larger than the screw. Once the pilot holes are drilled, you can use the drill to screw in the four massive screws that anchor the lock to the door frame. Then close the door and test your Flip Lock. It’s that easy.

What FlipLok looks like installed.
What FlipLok looks like installed.

Types of FlipLok Designs

FlipLok says their locks can be mounted on exterior and interior doors. While that is a great positive, there is a caveat. Most interior doors in homes are hollow and are made of cheap materials that will not stand up to a kick-in attack. What’s important to know here is that the FlipLok will hold, but the door will not. For the best protection in an interior room, I suggest you couple a FlipLok with a solid core door.

If you have an outward-opening door there is a solution for you. If you have a door that swings outside of the home, away from you on the inside, then you will need a Residential Outward FlipLok. This is a different lock that I have not reviewed but the design and build look like a quality product.

FlipLok For Schools

If school security is a concern for you, then you’ll be happy to know that FlipLok has a classroom version of their lock. The larger, bright red lock is specially made for classroom use. There are variants for inward and outward swinging doors. The classroom edition also comes with a key that can unlock the classroom in the event that is necessary. And they’ve created a patented one motion unlocking device that works with existing door hardware.

The Good and Bad of a FlipLok

After owning a Residential Inward FlipLok for a few months I’ve gotten very familiar with it. Here are a few of the pros and cons of having one on your door.

Pros of the FlipLok

  • Locks in less than a second.

  • Can be used by anyone tall enough to reach it.

  • Will work on just about any inward swinging door.

  • Will not slow you down from escaping an emergency.

  • Made of thick aluminum.

  • Comes in different colors to match your existing door hardware.

  • Can’t be picked as there is no exterior access.

  • Installation is quick and easy.


Cons of the FlipLok

  • It has a large footprint on the door. (But that’s part of how it works)

  • You can’t unlock it from the outside.

  • If fire or EMS needs to make entry into your home, it could be hard for them.

FlipLock Review: Final Assessment

Being the Founder of The Secure Dad, I take my home’s security very seriously. To put it plainly, FlipLok helps me sleep better at night. Knowing that it’s going to take a freight train to get through my door gives me the peace of mind I need to better protect my family.

Speaking of family, FlipLok is a family company. The Reger family of Houston, Texas owns the company. FlipLok's CEO, Anna Reger told me in a podcast interview that she and her husband were worried about protecting their children after they grew up and moved out. The design of the FlipLok came to her husband in a dream, and they started working on it the next day.

This lock was born out of a desire for parents to protect their family. FlipLok protects my home, and it should protect yours, too. Get your peace of mind at and use code SECUREDAD to get 20% off your order.

You may notice that the spelling of FlipLok is sometimes "FlipLock" that's simply for SEO purposes. The correct spelling is FlipLok.

Video Review of FlipLok


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