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Keeping Kids Safe from Online Predators

How Parents Can Save Their Children from Online Predators with Chris Hadnagy of The Innocent Lives Foundation

The dark, scary world of online predation is sickening. And it seems that the methods, sites, and recourses predators have are unending. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a new pattern emerges.

Chis Hadnagy is a human hacker and the found of Social-Engeneer, LLC. He's also an outspoken advocate of protecting kids online through his group The Innocent Lives Foundation. Today on the podcast Chris warns his fellow parents of a new trend in self-taken inappropriate photos of kids. He shares how this is done, the red flags to notice, and what parents can do to save their kids from online predation.

Chris has also been on The Secure Dad Podcast discussing human hacking with Andy.

Watch The Interview with Chris Hadnagy

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