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Protecting Your Online Privacy with Rob Shavell of Abine

Updated: Mar 29

Discover how DeleteMe can protect your online privacy

Ever wonder how the internet knows so much about your personal information? Most of it comes from data brokers who are buying and selling your personal data like your name, address, phone number, work history, and the list gets more invasive.

But you do have a voice in stopping data brokers from selling your information.

On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Rob Shavell the CEO and co-founder of Abine. Rob will explain how data brokers work and how we can opt out of being sold.

Abine is famous for its product DeleteMe which helps the average person remove their valuable information from all corners of the web including people search sites.

Rob is a fierce supporter of privacy rights, which you’ll hear more about during our discussion. But most importantly, he’s a dad.

I was excited when Rob’s team reached out to me to see if he could be on the show because they recognized how much protector parents value their online privacy. What they didn’t know was that I have been a happy customer of DeleteMe for years.

Talk about a good fit, right?

There is an affiliate link here that I’d like for you to consider. But our conversation is not a sponsored segment, it’s a great discussion between two dads who don’t like their family’s data being taken.

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