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Security is a Mindset: Podcast

Security is a Mindset | The Secure Dad Podcast

Episode 001: Security is a Mindset

In the very first episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, I explain what The Secure Dad is, how you need to plan to leave a store in a hurry WITHOUT using an emergency exit, why you should carry a pocket knife and the main topic: Security is a Mindset.

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How we think can make us safer. What we choose to put a priority on personal and family protection, we’ll find ourselves naturally making safer decisions. Don’t live in a bubble where you think violence can’t find you because it never has before. Thinking with a secure mindset is not a life of paranoia, it’s a life of empowerment.

Links from this episode:

Know your state’s knife laws:

If you’re looking to carry a knife, here’s my thoughts on what you need to consider when you get one.

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