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The Importance of Security in the Life of a Child with John Rosemond

Learn from parenting expert John Rosemond how to create an emotionally secure home

Not long ago I read a post from parenting expert John Rosemond talking about how important security is to the development of a child. After agreeing with Mr. Rosemond, I invited him on The Secure Dad Podcast.

"A balance of love and discipline create security for a child. Security forms the pad from which a child launches his or her life. The more solid the pad, the better able the child is to reach for the stars.

The secure child has no compulsion to misbehave, no neurotic need to attract attention for the mere sake of attention. He is secure not only because his parents love him, but also because they discipline him well."

- John Rosemond

The conversation I had with him was empowering and enlightening. Plus he shares his deep concern for America’s children and the negative impact of social media.

Watch the Interview

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