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The Reality of School Security with Spencer Coursen

Are Schools Really Secure?

We’ve all put our kids on the bus or driven away from a school and wondered if they were going to be safe that day. Would their school make headlines on the evening news? Would the worst evil happen in our community?

You’re not alone if you’ve had these thoughts.

In this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast Spencer Coursen and I discuss the reality of school security in America. We’re going to talk about the chances of an active shooter in a school, what kids can do to protect themselves, and we’ll address more fears head-on.

My expert guest is Spencer Coursen who is the best-selling author of The Safety Trap: A Security Expert’s Secrets for staying safe in a dangerous world.

Spencer Coursen on the set of Zero Dark Thirty.

He is a nationally recognized threat management expert. He is a combat veteran, former supervisory special agent, and private security professional whose unique global experience has supported an exceptional record of success in the assessment, management, and resolution of threats.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Spencer founded the Coursen Security Group. He is also the host of his own podcast, Coursen’s Corner of which I have been a guest. All of this to say, I respect and appreciate Spencer’s ideas and opinions.

Watch the Interview:

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