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The Value of Yor Privacy with Josh Summers of All Things Secured

Why You Should Care About Your Privacy

Online privacy has been eroding for the last few years. Once it’s gone, it will be very hard to get back. We need to fight for every bit that we can not for us, but for our kids and their privacy. Josh Summers joins us with how we can promote online privacy.

Be sure to check out our bonus episode where Josh shares about living under extreme surveillance in China.

Josh Summers is the man behind All Things Secured, a YouTube channel and website that tries to break down complex security and privacy problems into manageable solutions for the average internet user. He doesn't claim to be a cybersecurity expert or an IT guru, but he does know what it feels like to be put under surveillance and he has spent the past decade learning as much as he can about what it means to be secure and to take control of your own privacy online.

Watch The Interview:

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