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What Constitutes a Crime?

What constitutes a crime | The Secure Dad

What is the crime triangle?

Did you know the most complex crimes in the world can be broken down into three elements? The causes of each element is unique, but the crime triangle is a great tool to better understand how crimes occur.

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The elements that make up the crime triangle are criminal desire, opportunity and a target. It’s that simple, but also complex at the same time. So why are we talking about it? If we understand how crime happens then we can see how to avoid it. Listen to this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast as we go in depth on what the crime triangle means for family protection.

The dreaded crime triangle. LOL.

The Routine Activity Theory is talked about in this episode as it relates to the absence of guardians to prevent crime. The RAT theory is much more than that. For more you can read the work here on JSTOR.

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