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What is Everyday Carry?

What is EDC? | The Secure Dad Podcast

What is Everyday Carry?

Episode 30 of The Secure Dad Podcast is all about our everyday carry. We discuss what we need to have on us and why. If you’re new to EDC then we’ll go over the basics. If you’ve had an EDC since before there was a term for it, I make a few suggestions to help up your game.

I want to thank Matt Cochran of Tactical Dads for providing this episode’s dad hack. For more on Matt, you can follow him on Twitter @matthewjcochran. Or go back to episode 9 of this podcast to hear my interview with Matt.

EDC Items Discussed in Today’s Show:

Zebra F-701

Magpul Slim Wallet

StealthGearUSA Slim Wallet

Ridge Wallet

Finex e05

Streamlight StylusPro

Streamlight Microstream USB\

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