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What to do if You’ve Been Hacked with Josh Summers of All Things Secured

The Steps to Take After You've Been Hacked

Identity theft is a type of fraud in which someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission to commit crimes. This can include things like using your Social Security number to open a credit card account, stealing your identity to open a bank account, or simply trying to pose as you on social media.

To help you navigate through a stressful time like being hacked, Josh and I came up with a free PDF download: Help, I’ve Been Hacked: A Guide to Regain Control of Your Accounts.

The effects of identity theft can be severe, including damage to your credit score, difficulty obtaining credit or loans, and even criminal charges if the thief is caught using your identity to commit a crime.

Today my guest on the show is YouTube star Josh Summers of All Things Secured. He breaks down complex security and privacy problems into manageable solutions for the average internet user. Among many other things, Josh is a privacy advocate. Josh helps people protect their personal information, make more informed decisions, use privacy-enhancing technologies, and promote privacy as a fundamental human right.

Watch The Interview wit Josh Summers of All Things Secured.

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