Why You Can't Sit with Your Back to the Door

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Why Can't I Sit with my Back to the Door?

In episode 8 of The Secure Dad Podcast, I discuss why you may be like me and not be able to sit with your back to the door in public.

Not being able to sit with your back to the door doesn't mean you are crazy. It means you are situational aware and that is a good thing.

Plus I give three brief ideas you need to share with your kids about bus stop safety. Too many kids have been hurt recently simply waiting for the bus. This needs to stop.

Today’s dad hack is about making sure your kids don’t lock themselves in a room like I did when I was little. You can prevent that by using a door knob cover like this one. If that isn’t for you then an emergency key like this one will work in most interior locks. To understand how these things work, make sure to listen to this week’s show.

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