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  • Andy Murphy

What You Need to Know About Your “Security” System

What you need to know about your security system | The Secure Dad Podcast

Your "Security" System

In this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast we’re talking about “security” systems. I’ll share why you don’t actually own a “security” system - no one does. Not even me. Once we understand this important distinction we can truly start to know how to defend our families at home.

Also, in 2020 you may be trading in your guard dog for a guard drone. One California company has devised some pretty cool tech to keep our homes more secure. Read the full CNET article here.

If you’d like to know more about The Secure Dad Layered Home Defense Strategy, click here. For even more on this, my book Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide has more information on making your family safer.

Home Security: The Secure Dad's Guide | The Secure Dad

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