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Make Your Home Safer in 5 Days

Let’s work together to protect your home with simple, proven techniques sent to your inbox. And its totally free.

What You Will Learn

Bust the biggest Myth in Home Security that no one else will tell you.

(Not even the “home security” companies.)

Make upgrades to decrease the chance that your home will be a target for crime.


Identify the most common way a thief breaks in and how to stop them.


Shine a light on a criminal’s best ally and remove it from our homes.


Be proactive to live a safer, happier life at home.

How the Challenge Works


Sign up for the challenge.


Read the Welcome Email that explains the timeline.


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A Note From Andy

Home security has never been more important. If you are willing to invest in this email challenge, then your home will be safer in 5 days.


Who doesn’t want that, right?


Each day I will send you an exclusive email that includes a 5 minute mini podcast about what can be done that day to secure your home.


There are no scare tactics in The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge, just proven information to help your family be safe and happy.


You’ll be so much more confident in protecting your family at the end of this challenge.


Let’s get started together! 


Andy Murphy

Founder, The Secure Dad

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