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What You'll Learn

Home Security for New
Home Buyers

Homeownership comes with joy, but also responsibility. "Home Security for First-Time Homeowners" by Andy Murphy, founder of The Secure Dad, empowers you to create a safe haven for your family.


This concise 12-page ebook, packed with Andy's expert advice, removes the confusion from home security. Learn simple yet effective strategies to deter break-ins, safeguard your belongings, and give you peace of mind.

What's Inside?

In this eBook are 12 pages of tips and tricks every new homeowner needs to know. Included is a 2 page checklist to track your progress. All of this for only $7.

Why only $7? You just spent a lot of money on a new home and I want to help you out!

  • Building a layered defense: Discover a step-by-step approach to securing your property, including physical barriers, alarm systems, and smart home tech.

  • Creating a safe haven: Learn fire safety essentials, how to deter criminals, and even tips for securing your exposed personal data.

  • Checklist for Success: Included is a 2-page checklist to help keep track of your home security progress.

  • Peace of mind for less: This ebook is a fraction of the cost of professional security consultations, saving you money while keeping your family safe.

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