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Secure Your Passwords

This book will not only secretly hide all of your credentials, but will also show you how to create strong passphrases. It's security from cover to cover.

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How to Create and Manage Passwords
for Busy Parents

I created Password Book: My Kids Wrecked My Brain because as a busy parent, it's hard to remember one of the hundred passwords I have. I know I am not the only one who feels that way because really, our kids wrecked our brains!


Instead of writing passwords on a sticky note on my monitor, I wanted to keep them safe and secure. So I created a discreet password organizer disguised as a parenting book. And because I want you to keep your accounts safe, I show you how to create memorable passphrases that will be hard to hack.

That means Password Book: My Kids Wrecked My Brain will secure your passwords from cover to cover.

- Andy Murphy

Founder, The Secure Dad

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How it Works

You can be confident that your login credentials will be safely and secretly organized in this password journal. While it looks like a parenting book, no one will know that it stores your passwords. Keep it by your desk and never worry about losing your passwords again.

In addition to being hidden in plain sight, this book offers you guidance on how to create strong, memorable passwords that will be hard to hack.

Take your brain back and secure your accounts

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Available in paperback and hardcover editions.

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