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Be Your Own Bodyguard with Tony Blauer

Learning Self-defense From Tony Blauer

In 2019 I started following Tony Blauer on Instagram and listening to his podcast. A few weeks later I took his Know Fear Seminar and it was life-changing for me. Then I got brave and asked him to be on The Secure Dad Podcast and he graciously accepted.

Andy Murphy and Tony Blauer Be Your Own Body Guard
Andy Murphy and Tony Blauer

I am so happy to welcome back to the show Coach Tony Blauer. For more than four decades, Tony Blauer has been instructing everyday people how to defend themselves physically and protect themselves mentally. He’s the inventor of the SPEAR System, The High Gear training suit that you see everywhere and he’s the author of the Know Fear Seminar.

Tony has helped thousands of people, including me, build the confidence and skills they need to protect themselves. In this interview we discuss his program Be Your Own Bodyguard which I took with Tony back in May. It’s an outstanding curriculum that Protector Parents will appreciate.

Watch Tony Blauer on The Secure Dad Podcast

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