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Inside Policing Today with Sergeant Rob Disario

Inside Policing Today with Sergeant Rob Disario

How to interact with police officers and traffic stops

In the latest episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, host Andy Murphy had the opportunity to sit down with Sergeant Rob Disario of the Brookline Police Department in Massachusetts. Their conversation provided invaluable insights into the complexities of modern policing, practical tips for civilians during traffic stops, and the often-overlooked importance of nonverbal communication when interacting with law enforcement. 

Watch the Interview with Sergeant Rob Disario of the Brookline Police Department:

The conversation between Andy Murphy and Sergeant Rob Disario provided a comprehensive look at the challenges and responsibilities of modern policing. From practical tips for civilians during traffic stops to the importance of nonverbal communication, the insights shared in this interview are invaluable for anyone looking to understand and navigate interactions with law enforcement better.

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By fostering mutual respect and understanding, both civilians and officers can contribute to safer and more harmonious communities. The Secure Dad Podcast continues to be a valuable resource for practical advice and expert insights on home and personal security.

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