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Cybersecurity for the Sandwich Generation

Cybersecurity for the sandwhich generation

Cybersecurity expert Maria-Kristian Hayden of OUTFOXM on protecting children and parents online

Maria-Kristina Hayden is a renowned cyber security expert who is deeply committed to empowering individuals of the sandwich generation in safeguarding their online security while simultaneously supporting their children and aging parents. With an extensive knowledge base and expertise in the ever-evolving field of cyber threats, Maria-Kristina has established herself as a trusted authority, offering practical solutions and guidance to navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

Maria-Kristina's holistic approach to online security revolves around a profound understanding of the latest cyber threats, combined with tailored strategies that cater specifically to the needs of the sandwich generation. Whether it entails educating children on safe internet practices, assisting aging parents in navigating online banking intricacies or fortifying the security of smart home devices, Maria-Kristina provides invaluable insights that empower families to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate potential risks.

As the CEO and founder of OUTFOXM INC, the world's premier boutique consulting firm specializing in advising Fortune 500 enterprises on immersive cyberattack simulations and human-cyber risk, Maria-Kristina has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives in the industry. She has previously held influential positions, such as leading the Cyber Wargaming program at the Bank of New York Mellon, serving as a Cyber Intelligence Officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), supporting the U.S. military as an Air Force civilian at the Pentagon, and conducting extensive research for the House of Representatives as a Congressional researcher.

Maria-Kristina's academic achievements include a Master's degree in Cyber Intelligence from the National Intelligence University and a Bachelor's degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University. Her dedication to raising awareness about online security, combined with a genuine passion for assisting families, has positioned her as a highly sought-after expert in the field. By bridging the generational divide and offering practical solutions, Maria-Kristina is revolutionizing the way the sandwich generation approaches cyber security, ensuring a safer and more secure digital future for all.

Watch the Interview with Maria-Kristina Hayden of OUTFOXM

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