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Escaping Danger with Robin of Dutch in the USA

Escaping Danger with Robin of Dutch in the USA

Safety tips from Robin Hunting of Dutch in the USA

In this episode, host Andy Murphy interviews Robin Hunting, the face behind 'Dutch in the USA', a popular TikTok channel focused on security and safety tips. 

Robin shares his background, including his military service in the Netherlands, his move to the USA, and his diverse career leading up to his TikTok channel. He discusses popular video topics, such as breaking out of handcuffs, using duct tape and zip ties for escape, and testing safety equipment. 

Robin also shares his insights on home security, situational awareness, and everyday safety measures to protect your family. Tune in to learn valuable tips from a seasoned expert in safety and security.

Interview: Escaping Danger with Robin Hunting of Dutch in the USA

Andy: Robin, thank you for joining me today. Introduce yourself to everybody.

Robin: I'm Robin Hunting. I'm the face of Dutch in the USA. That's the channel we do, me and my wife do together. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. I spent some time in the military there. I did two years in the Royal Army and then five years in the Royal Marines. During that time, I also met my wife, who is American.

After a few back-and-forth trips, we decided to move back to the United States. I tried a few gigs in private security but realized it wasn't the same as the military. I ended up in operational management, running fulfillment stores and warehouses, and eventually at a company that does recycling. They collect trash from oceans and make bracelets out of it, and I manage those operations worldwide. 

In that time, I started this TikTok channel, initially just for fun. As it progressed, we took steps to make it bigger and it kept growing. I still work full-time but love doing "Dutch in the USA" on the side. 

Andy: That's really cool. I saw a picture on Instagram of you getting out of the water after some salvage work, sitting next to a bunch of tires from the ocean. How cool is it to go diving and clean up that stuff?

Robin: We did that a few times. It's crazy because you get paid to go diving, obviously with all the safety checks. With my background and certifications, they let me dive. We found out that the coral reef was dying out due to metal chains and tires that were meant to help—it didn’t work. The chain started to rust, broke up, and damaged more coral reefs. Our company removed those tires from the ocean and cleaned them up.

Andy: Wow. I hear about sinking ships for fish habitats. So you were actually collecting items someone thought would help the coral reef, right?

Robin:Yes. They had an abundance of tires with no way to recycle, and faulty studies convinced them it was a good idea. They did it by the thousands, like barges full. Unfortunately, it just caused more damage. Millions of tires right off Fort Lauderdale!

Andy: A lot of people know you from TikTok and Instagram. What led you to start sharing on social media?

Robin: My wife started TikTok for a company. It was new, and she posted some videos. I found it fun and started making my own videos—mostly funny ones and voiceovers. I got some followers and people started asking me real questions about stuff like making handcuffs out of ropes. I began showing practical skills, like escaping zip ties and duct tape, and it just blew up from there.

Andy:  One of my favorite things is when you're in the junkyard breaking car windows. How much does it cost to break a window in a junkyard?

Robin: Well, not all junkyards allow it because of safety and liability. I found one guy who let me do it for $400, covering what he would get if he resold the parts. It's about authenticity and actual testing.

Andy: You’ve busted a lot of safety myths. What's a big safety myth people believe?

Robin: People think they’re safe during the day, but dangers don’t just disappear in daylight. Situational awareness should be constant, not just a nighttime habit. 

Andy: How rewarding is it to show that some safety products don’t work and share that with everyone?

Robin: It's incredibly rewarding. Three weeks ago, a lady used a spring-loaded window breaker she saw in my video to escape a burning car. Knowing I can provide useful information that can save lives is indescribable.

Andy: What are some important steps families can take to prepare for an emergency?

Robin: Have fire extinguishers, fire alarms, a grab bag with important documents, good door locks, security cameras, and floodlights. Make sure your house isn't an easy target. Deterrents can make a big difference, such as signs and barking dogs.

Andy: As a dad, what are the real dangers kids face today?

Robin: School shootings are a significant concern because they’re unpredictable and beyond my control. Other dangers, like kidnappings, can be mitigated by staying close to your kids, but school shootings require us to prepare our kids as best as possible.

Andy: What should you keep in mind when your kids are around open water?

Robin: I don't let my kids swim without me watching. Drownings can happen quickly and often aren’t noticeable in chaotic environments like pools. It's essential to be vigilant.

Andy: You live in Florida. Suppose you encounter an alligator while out with your family. What would you do?

Robin: I’d turn around and call someone to remove the gator. They’re much faster than people think, and it’s best to avoid any confrontation unless absolutely necessary.

This conversation with Robin Hunting is a valuable reminder of the importance of staying prepared and being aware of our surroundings. His practical advice and dedication to safety serve as an inspiration for all of us to take proactive steps in protecting ourselves and our loved ones.


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