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Fatherhood with Patrick Antonucci of Dad Hackers

Fatherhood Patrick Antonucci Dad Hackers | The Secure Dad


A father is an important role in the life of any child, any family. When we talk about fatherhood we’re really speaking about leadership, protecting and equipping our families for success. My guest on today’s show is Patrick Antonucci of Dad Hackers.

Patrick Antonucci is the man behind Dad Hackers and the Dad Hackers Podcast. He’s a father of five who has a passion for helping men become the best dads they can. In today’s episode Patrick and I discuss three things that we want every dad to know.

For more on Patrick and Dad Hackers, go to and check out the Dad Hackers Podcast. You can also follow him on Instagram and join the Dad Hackers Facebook Group.

Also, I was honored to appear on episode 12 of the Dad Hackers Podcast. You can hear it here.

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