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Fighting Human Trafficking Undercover with Heidi Chance

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Undercover Trafficking with Heidi Chance

How an undercover detective thinks you need to protect your family from human trafficking

On this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, Andy is joined by retired detective Heidi Chance. Heidi spent 13 years fighting human trafficking undercover with the Phoenix Police Department. She shares her knowledge of how parents need to protect their kids from trafficking.

Detective Heidi Chance recently retired from the Phoenix Police Department after 25 years and was Detective in the H.E.A.T (Human Exploitation and Trafficking) Unit for over 13 years. Detective Chance worked undercover with the HEAT unit in identifying and rescuing juveniles and adults who are victims of sex trafficking. She has extensive training in forensic interviews of children, identifying abuse and neglect, protecting children online and working with victims of sex trafficking, and performing as an undercover officer.

Since 2014, she often travels across the United States teaching other law enforcement agencies for the National Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College (NCJTC), Amber Alert program.

After retiring, she created so that she can continue to educate on awareness about Sex Trafficking and to teach law enforcement to conduct proactive undercover operations targeting Sex Buyers and Traffickers encouraging law enforcement to target these offenders so that we can make an impact on this growing problem in our communities.

Detective Chance was also featured in the Frontline, PBS documentary “Sex Trafficking in America”.

Watch the Interview with Heidi Chance

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