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How to See Trouble Before it Starts with Yousef Badou of Emergence Disrupt

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Learn how to see trouble before it starts with Yousef Badou of Emergence Disrupt

Listen to our Bonus Conversation:

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Using Behavioral Analysis and Situational Awareness to Detect Threats

Yousef Badou is an expert in threat detection by way of situational awareness and behavioral analysis. He’s a former Marine infantryman with multiple combat tours. He also taught the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program. Now he’s a leading industry authority on situational awareness and behavioral analysis with his company Emergence Disrupt.

On the show today, Yousef shares valuable insights and actionable information on how to better protect our families in public. This is done by seeing trouble before it starts. But how that’s done is harder than it sounds. Fortunately, Yousef breaks it down for us.

And as a bonus, Yousef shares his insights on avoiding group violence in a riot. This is a special bonus podcast that is very relevant right now.

Watch the interview on YouTube

Premiers 6/24/20 at 11 am EST.

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Emergence Disrupt:

Riot Environments Training

Protector Symposium 2.0

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