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Prepping Your Car for an Emergency with Des of MuthaPrepper

How to build an emergency car kit with Des of MuthaPrepper

When it comes to keeping your family prepared for life’s emergencies, don’t forget about your vehicle. Keeping it stocked with supplies and keeping it running are vital for our family safety plans.

My guest on the show today is Des from MuthaPrepper. She shares my own preparedness journey online and through social media. As a resident in the suburbs of Northern California, she understands how tricky it can be to think of readiness when it comes to young children.

Most people think that preparedness calls for acreage and bunkers, and Des likes to challenge the idea that readiness in 'burbs is impossible. She discusses microhomesteading with us and what we can do to prepare for higher food prices this fall.

Watch the Interview with Des of MuthaPrepper

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