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Gear Review: High Speed Daddy Tactical Family First Aid Pouch

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

High Speed Daddy Family First Aid Pouch | The Secure Dad

This article contains affiliate links. High Speed Daddy sent me a HSD Tactical Family First Aid Pouch in an exchange for a fair and honest review. What follows in my unfiltered opinion.

When I discovered that the High Speed Daddy was coming out with more products I was excited. So far HSD has produced a top notch tactical diaper bag that I carry everyday, an awesome lunch bag that I’ve used outside in the rain and a woobie that is great for cold nights and living room forts. When I discovered that the new product was a first aid kit pouch I knew I had to have one.

Right off the bat, the High Speed Daddy Tactical Family First Aid Pouch is the perfect size to fit onto your HSD Tactical Diaper Bag and Lunch Bag. When you attach it, all of the existing zippers and access points are open for you to use on your exiting HSD bag. When attached to the original, smaller-sized lunch bag it looks like a natural extension of the bag. It fits together seamlessly.

As with other High Speed Daddy tactical bags, the Tactical Family First Aid Kit is made of military grade 600D waterproof polyester. Plus it touts double stitching for added strength. This bag is tough. I’ve tossed it around and tried to scuff it up, but it still looks brand new.

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One of my favorite features about this bag and other HSD bags are the superior zippers. Yes, I never thought I’d be impressed by zippers until I started carrying HSD stuff. When I simulated an injury to my dominant hand I was able to open and close the bag with just my pinky on that hand. It’s fast to get into. And for added measure, there are 550 paracord pulls already on the zippers. No need to upgrade that yourself.

There’s another area where this bag goes above and beyond. Unlike other MOLLE bags in its size range the HSD Tactical Family First Aid Kit Pouch has PALS straps sewn onto it already. (Double stitching of course.) There’s no need to buy separate straps or sticks to integrate it onto your existing bags. For real, this bag is good to go when you pull it out of the box.

High Speed Daddy Tactical Family First Aid Pouch | The Secure Dad

The HSD Tactical Family First Aid Pouch integrates seamlessly with the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag.

Inside there is an incredible amount of space. I was able to fit everything I wanted and needed in my first aid kit. It’s well thought out with an emphasis on getting what you need fast. There’s no digging around, everything has its place and it doesn't move.

Here’s the good and bad of the HSD Tactical Family First Aid Kit Pouch


600D Waterproof polyester

Excellent zippers

550 Paracord zipper pulls

Double stitching

PALS straps

MOLLE webbing

Velcro strip for morale patches

First aid cross patch included

Detachable vinyl sleeve with pen holders

Tons of pockets


Three elastic organizational bands inside

Useful as more than a first aid kit

Holds everything needed for first aid

Comes in all the same colors/patterns as other HSD bags


It can be hard to remove the velcro vinyl sleeve

Velcro strip on the front is narrow, can’t hold all morale patch sizes

If you don’t have anything from High Speed Daddy yet, then this bag is a great starting point. In one small pouch you’ll see the commitment to quality and the depth of experience poured into each product HSD makes. For the size, features and quality, it’s the best bag for your buck.

The High Speed Daddy Tactical Family First Aid Pouch does not have to be a first aid kit. It can be a stand-alone pouch for your home, car or existing MOLLE systems. This can have a number of uses for it. I already want a second one to replace another MOLLE pouch I keep in my car. Trust me, you’ll find a useful spot for it.

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